USAA Takes Advantage of Veteran – Skips on Claim

As shared by Danielle:

In August of 2017 I had a house fire. I am fully insured through USAA for my homeowners insurance. I called USAA while the fire department was in my home and things seemed like they would go smoothly. I was assigned two separate adjusters. One for the house and one for it’s contents. I got put in a hotel but then was moved to another because of it being a long term stay. My adjuster for the house came out from Oklahoma City and was very easy to work with. He did what he needed with me and then sent me on my way.

The adjuster for my home contents was assigned but had to fly here from Houston. She flew here almost three weeks after the fire to do the inventory assessment. It was over 100* outside and we were in the house for hours accounting for items. She flew home and then weeks went by with the run around.

I was later put under investigation by the same adjuster and had to speak to an investigator within USAA. They accused me of lying, stealing and pretty much anything aside from paying out on my claim. Mind you my house is being rebuilt at this time and I am in a rental home.

A number of small things have transpired since then. They have paid me their version of the ACV (actual cash value) of my claim. I have emailed my adjuster numerous times regarding items missing or being incorrect on my estimate only to be repeatedly told she wants receipts and more proof of ownership. I have sent emails with receipts, with pictures, with proof and she refuses to alter the estimate. I have submitted some receipts and have gotten reimbursed through the most recent one was not accounted for correctly and she didn’t pay about $200 owed from USAA.

I haven’t heard from her. She was on a 3 week vacation or absence during this month and was unreachable. I feel I will not get anywhere with this adjuster and need help so that I can account for the things not on my estimate, get paid appropriately and have things taken care of as they should be. Especially by a company that says they “Know what it means to serve”, when truthfully I feel like I haven’t been given any real chance to get things taken care of for my family.

NOTE BY CRUSADERS: Tracey and the team are working directly with USAA to help “cut through the red tape”, and as with many of our Veterans, it takes a lot of hands on from our team to go after companies that take advantage of our Veterans. Please help us in this effort by donating or purchasing a “Thank You and Action Item” supporter pack today!

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