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``even giving our kids Christmas``

I am a Veteran who reached out to Tracey (and the Crusaders) on a prayer… Without hesitation she was there, helping get our car repaired, helping with our bills, even giving our kids Christmas. This woman and her Crusaders are a God send to all of us veterans.

``Thank you``

If you are a Veteran struggling, regardless the issue, I highly recommend contacting the Crusaders as they want to help. Tracey and the Crusader group: Thank you for your compassion and the help you provided. It was truly a blessing and my girls and I are grateful!!

Valor for Veterans

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``don't just help with the utilities``

These ladies don’t just help with the utilities, they have so many resources to help with whatever needs that the family may have from a simple bill being paid to helping veterans with their claims and military benefits.

``Proud Supporter``

I am a Proud Supporter of the Crusaders and Valor for Veterans. As a representative of Commonwealth Capital, I cannot think of a better way to give back than to help those who have sacrificed so much for us.
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